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ACORN Grow A Farmer Apprenticeship and Mentorship Program

The Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN)'s Grow A Farmer Apprenticeship and Mentorship program promotes organic farming as a viable and empowering form of livelihood. With a focus on farmer-to-farmer training, the program intends to cultivate, renew and diversify the organic sector in Atlantic Canada, through the preservation, growth, and use of local knowledge, land and community. Specifically, this program, since its development in 2012, has worked to provide new and aspiring organic farmers across Atlantic Canada with curriculum-guided, organic farm-based apprenticeships with over ten different organic farms in the region; farmer-to-farmer mentorship; and training workshops and events - such as our Beginner Farmer Symposium - which have provided targeted support, education and networking opportunities for new entrants to this growing sector.
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