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Who we serve If you are a NEW FARMER, ESTABLISHED FARMER, OR FARMLAND OWNER, you have an important part to play in the future of agriculture and FarmLINK can help you. If you are a new farmer (of any age!) you are a valuable part of our agricultural community, and you have an important role to play in maintaining a vibrant agricultural sector for the future. If you're like most new farmers, you probably face significant challenges ' particularly in accessing land and mentorship. This is where FarmLINK can help you make great connections! If you are an established farmer in your fifties or older, you may be thinking about moving out of farming in the next 15 years. While passing on the farm was once a family matter, few established farmers now have children who want to farm. That said, your knowledge and experience are invaluable to new farmers, as is your productive farmland. Find creative ways to share your farm and your knowledge with tomorrow's farmers ' use resources from FarmLINK! If you own farmland but you're not a farmer, you may be asking yourself some important questions: Should you rent out your farm? For what purposes and to whom? Are there tax advantages to renting your land? How much do you know about farm stewardship? Have you provided your tenant farmer with any incentives to steward your land, or discussed with them a plan for stewardship? FarmLINK can provide answers to these questions, and help you think creatively about your part in our agricultural future.

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