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Prairie Garden Seeds

Prairie Garden Seeds is operated by Rachelle Ternier and her father Jim Ternier, who founded the company in 1986. Prairie Garden Seeds offers open pollinated seeds from a large collection of over 800 varieties of many different crops from grains, to vegetables, to flowers. Between the original family farm near Cochin, SK and St. Peter’s Abbey near Humboldt, SK, the Ternier family organically produce about 95% of the seeds offered in the seed catalogue on this site. Included in that production is many seeds grown by Rachelle's Aunt Judy and farm partners at Largo Farm. Thanks to them for all their help in previous years while Rachelle set up back here at the farm and for their seed growing work for us. Many of the seeds you will be purchasing have been grown by them. The remainder of the seeds come from either a commercial seed source (about 4%), indicated with a (C) after each variety, or from a certified organic source (like the team at Wild Garden Seed in Oregon).

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Box 2758
Humboldt, Saskatchewan, S0K 2A0

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