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Sand Springs Ranch YA Apprenticeship

Are you an aspiring farmer looking to gain experience on a diversified, mixed farm? Is farming in your future, but you feel you need more experience before starting your own farm? Sand Springs Ranch is offering a unique apprenticeship program providing experience in livestock and vegetable production. About the Farm Sand Springs Ranch, located near Lac La Biche, Alberta is run by Ty and Janice Shelton, their daughter Jolene and son Tyler. Including Ty and Janice’s grandchildren, there are 3 generations working on this farm. A certified organic farm, Sand Springs Ranch includes a large certified organic market garden, a certified organic, grass-fed beef enterprise and pasture-raised pork and chicken enterprises. Sand Springs Ranch is focused on continually trying new and innovative crops, farming methods and marketing strategies. They market through farmer’s markets, CSAs and wholesale. This farm also has a strong passion for heritage seeds and seed saving.
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