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Duban Farms YA Apprenticeship

Are you looking for a hands-on, practical learning experience in environmentally and economically sustainable farming? Are you wanting to work alongside a farmer that is innovative, forward thinking and working to mitigate climate change? Duban Farms is excited to offer a unique apprenticeship in regenerative farming. About the Farm Duban Farms is a third generation, irrigated grain and oilseed farm located 15 minutes NW of Lethbridge. The farm is currently transitioning into Certified Organic production and strives to grow food in an environmentally and economically sustainable fashion. Utilizing biological principles, Duban Farms is working to improve plant and soil health while maximizing yields of food grade crops. Some of the cash crops they grow include hemp, oats, flax, wheat, beans, peas and mustard. Cover crops are grown to feed the soil biology and sequester carbon as soil organic matter, to help combat climate change. The use of tillage is minimized and direct seeding is utilized to maintain soil armour thereby reducing soil erosion and nutrient leaching to help keep water supplies pure. By using polyculture crop rotations , the farm is promoting mutualistic plant relationships that build system resilience.
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