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True North Heritage Hatchery

Located in Thompson - Okanagan
Have you heard about Poultry-Centered Regenerative Agriculture? It's beyond organic! Our birds are pasture raised and genetically robust. Check out the farm website for more information. // Baby chicks and POL pullets of 6 heritage breeds. We do Production Breeding - our lines have been genetically restored to the rates of lay &/or growth rates that made these heritage breeds famous. Mistral Gris - a pasture meat bird, dressing out at 5.5 to 7 lbs at 12 weeks old. The only meat bird whose genetics are not owned by foreign multinationals! Production Reds - the best layers, 280 to 300 eggs/year, dark brown with excellent shell quality. Several breeds of dual-purpose birds: Light Sussex, Barred Rocks and Ameraucanas. We ship all over the country. Many valuable blogs on our website.
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