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Garden Seeds

We are enthusiastic gardeners and seed savers with a large collection of seeds which we have been maintaining for about 30 years (the collection started off small and has had many additions throughout the years). Increasingly, a part of our work has been educating people about plants, seeds, local food, gardening and seed saving. As seed savers and preservationists, we encourage others to engage in the work we do in order to empower people to grow food from seed to seed. Seeds are our shared culture, which means seeds carry stories. A seed, is where the majority of our food begins, without seeds we would have very little to eat. You can be a steward of different varieties of plants by saving and sharing seeds as well as the stories that go with them. The rich biodiversity in our food systems is being lost to mono cropping and highly mechanized/industrialized agriculture but we can change that by all becoming seed savers!

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Humboldt, Saskatchewan, S0K 2A0

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