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*in Hanover Ontario, Six Nations Territory (but could be replicated in BC) Internship/Incubator Opportunity: “The incubaternship” Ready to take your farm education to the next level? Green Being Farm offers a unique part-time farm incubation/part time internship position, and is accepting applications for the 2017 growing season. The position runs from late April to late November. We feel there is a gap between programs geared for beginning farmers and being prepared to run your own farm business. We want to help bridge this gap so that new farmers can begin an exploration into farming for themselves while receiving the guidance of a mentor. This allows you to operate in a low-risk environment, where the land and infrastructure is already provided for you. What we are looking for and what we can offer you: We are offering our farm as a place to incubate your farm business. This is a chance for you to try out your own ideas while building on your farming knowledge through a part-time internship. How will that look? Each morning of the week, (and one weekend/month), you will work for Green Being Farm, and will learn through doing. We run a Winter/Spring CSA, and raise grassfed lamb, beef, pastured pigs and chickens. Not only are we farmers but Tarrah also teaches several workshops and courses on agriculture and you will benefit from extra learning opportunities related to these. Every afternoon is yours to structure as you like: incorporating time to work on your farm business project, pursue learning opportunities specific to your needs, or to enjoy free time. You will have our land, machinery, tools, implements, irrigation system, cold storage, greenhouse space, etc to use during that time and our services as mentors to help you get started. We can help with your planning, locating inputs, and finding a market for your product. Accommodation (separate apartment), veggies and meat, laundry and internet will be included; any money you earn on your own enterprise is yours to keep. Lots is possible! Maybe you want to try your hand at raising bees, hens, seed saving, or market gardening. Perhaps you are interested in herbs, cut flowers, or geese. Or perhaps you just want to take the time to structure your own learning curriculum, spend your time preserving in the kitchen, or finish your Masters degree. You don’t need to pursue a business project to be eligible! You are welcome to use your free time however you wish. Requirements: Candidates must already have a minimum of one season’s experience on another farm (or reasonable equivalent). We will also need to make sure that your proposed venture is something we feel our land base can support. Candidates must be able to tolerate physically taxing workloads. Driver’s license and construction skills are definite assets. Contact us with your resume and ideas for a venture by Feb 1, 2017. This gives us a month’s time to help you develop a full proposal so that it will work on our farm. This is free consultation for your business plan! We can discuss production details, help you find a market, and we will let you know what kind of support our farm can offer you for your particular venture. After your proposal has received any necessary tweaking, we proceed with a formal interview and reference check. The successful applicant will be notified by March 1.
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