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Development of rubber plants

NovaBioRubber Green Technologies, Inc. (Nova) has developed and patented a ‘green’ processing technology to produce biorubber, biolatex and inulin from rubber-containing plant called Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TKS). TKS roots contain significant amounts of biorubber (24%) and inulin (40%) to satisfy growing rubber demand and solve latex allergy. TKS is the sustainable and renewable alternative to the current expensive, labor-intensive and low-yield tropical Hevea trees or producing low-grade synthetic rubber from petroleum. TKS can be annually grown, harvested and processed in 5 months. Nova has manufactured pilot-scale and full-scale processing equipment and is growing high-yield Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TKS) independently in British Columbia, Canada since 2012. Samples of biorubber have been delivered to international tire companies for tests. We have received the letters of interest from major international rubber products companies. Nova is raising $5M to expand production capacity.

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