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Kosiancic Farms

Located in Kootenays
This Kosiancic farm has been in the family since 1900. The original 400 acre homestead was settled by Jake Kosiancic and has been continuously run by Kosiancic family members ever since. Over the years the farm has changed as it passed through the generations and changes in the marketplace. In the early years it was a vegetable farm, and one of the largest employers in the area. It eventually added a dairy, and in more recent years has focused on beef cattle. Various portions of the farm have been hived off to support other families and enterprises in the Slocan Valley. Currently, Jacob Kosiancic and his son Bernie operate the farm. They have on-farm meat processing facilities and each have a Class E license, allowing them to process and sell meat from their own cattle at the farm gate. They also process carcasses for other area farms as well as game animals. The Kosiancics specialize in sausages, with no less than 12 different kinds of sausage on hand at all times. Their sausage repertoire includes up to 50 different kinds, between cured and fresh.

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Phone: 1.250.359.6706


2183 Highway 6
Crescent Valley, BC

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