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garden and three bedroom suite to live in

Located in Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands 7a7fcfdb cceb 4790 815b b63cac946057
Suite is available September/October 2021

Land Details

Total land size in acres
1/2 acre
Wooded Area
Yes - small forest behind property and infront
Cultivable Area
vegetable garden and possible raised beds
Expansion potential (acres)
Yes - anywhere on the property
Current use
  • Vegetable - one deer/rabbit fenced garden
  • Orchard/Fruit - 5 apple trees; 2 cherry trees; 2 plum; 2 pear
Current practices
  • Other - biodynamic
State of the surface of the cultivable area

the veggie garden has received organic/biodynamic preps on and off for about 10 years

Description and historical use of land available for farming

some mature apple/pear trees and some newer dwarf apple

Road Access
Yes - from our driveway
Yes - electricity avail. may want to go off grid
Cell Service
Long-term goal or vision for land

would be great to have a small farming venture like growing herbs, or garlic or ? or to work on developing the existing idea of a demonstration garden to teach people about organic farming

Known environmental hazards (wildfire area, flooding, etc.)
Current residents living on property
Yes - quiet couple and 1 cat
Availability of farm buildings
Yes - garden shed, wood shed
Land is fenced
Yes - property and veggie garden is fenced
Availability of farm machinery and tools
Yes - hand tools
Water source
  • Well -
  • Other - rain water catchment; one 2500 gallon cistern
Water rights to these sources
On-site housing
Yes - three bedroom suite with hardwood floors for the tenant(s) who steward the garden
Restricted access of visitors
Preferred Agriculture Products
  • Vegetable - any
  • Seed -
  • Orchard/Fruit - would like to improve the quality of some of the fruit
Practices preferred
  • Other - organic and biodynamic
Agronomic potential
I don't know
Soil details
  • General fertility (nutrients) - fertility good; clay soil
Preferred arrangement
  • Other - would like to rent one of the three bedroom suite and informal small farm venture on the 1/2 acre
Would you be willing to mentor or advise the entering farmer(s)?
Yes - have some knowledge about biodynamics
Do you require references from the farmer(s)?
Agreement duration
to be determined

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Phone: 250 748 7124


Cowichan Station, BC, V9L 6M5

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