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Farm Apprenticeship and Vedic Eco Village Development

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We follow the values of Vedic culture, namely the importance of cows, land and knowledge. The eco village imbibes principles of Permaculture, Natural Farming and cob building while promoting a simple and sustainable lifestyle centered on cow culture and Lord Krishna. Stewarding the forest, milling lumber, building infrastructure, farm planning and fire wood-based activities fill our winter days. We are seeking people to join our efforts to build a Vedic Eco Village and manifest a self-reliant community with food sovereignty. We are in the early stages of developing the Eco Village. We need people to build living infrastructure and colony plots. Objectives: ~ Foundation for Goshala cow barn ~ Fenced grazing areas with shelter ~ Expanded prasadam distribution ~ roof on Ox box in garden ~ seed bank and cutting/root propagation lab ~ volunteer facilities with solar shower & composter ~ walipini greenhouse with reciprocal roof ~ weekly Varanasrama College @ Vedic Library We will provide an opportunity to learn aspects of Vedic culture. We learn hands-on about Natural Building, Permaculture Farming, Building shelters, Cows and Ox care & Natural Fibers for Clothing. We are in the pioneer stages of development. There is diverse work for dedicated builders with a pioneer spirit. Vegetarian prasad and mostly organic home-grown food. We have on-going and seasonal apprenticeships... start and finish anytime.

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Phone: 2503134108


4788 Minnabariet Road, Venables Valley Road South
Venables Valley or Spences Bridge on maps, PO Box 272 Ashcroft, BC, BC, V0K1A0

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