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Fireweed Food Coop

Fireweed Food Co-op (formerly known as Farm Fresh Food Hub) is a nonprofit co-op for producers and supporters of Manitoba-grown sustainably-produced food. We were founded on the belief that small-scale, mixed farming is the most ecologically sustainable type of agriculture. However, the globalized food system disadvantages small farmers by denying them the same economic subsidies and legal protections afforded to the largest scales of agriculture. ​ Furthermore, capitalism and other structural forces deny many people access to healthy, good-quality food and other human needs. As a co-operative for both food producers and consumers, we are dedicated to creating a larger, more stable market for locally and sustainably produced food in the region, and to make good food more accessible to more individuals, families and community as a whole. We envision a regional food system that is collaborative and prioritizes not only regenerative and sustainable ecological practices but fair labour practices, as well as one that is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of good food. By becoming a member of the co-op, you join us in creating a future with a more thriving, resilient local food system in our province.
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