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Farm Sharing near Edgewood BC

Located in Kootenays
This opportunity is ideal for experienced farmers to share the land and farm cooperatively with the current owners and commercial producers. Ideally they would like another family to build their own home here and work as part of the existing business, and/or to start their own land-based venture. New farmers can make income initially by working closely with us as part of their market garden, expanding and diversifying production, and selling through different markets independently.

Land Details

Participant in BC Land Matching Program
Total land size in acres
Wooded Area
Yes - 54
Cultivable Area
Expansion potential (acres)
Current use
  • Vegetable - Mixed, mostly root crop
  • Livestock - Cattle and horses
  • Hay & Forage - About 20 acres of pasture and hay
  • Orchard/Fruit - Small orchard
Current practices
  • Organic -
State of the surface of the cultivable area

Fertile organic soil, valley bottom land. Currently market garden and cover crop rotation.

Description and historical use of land available for farming

Logged and cleared for cattle grazing 50 years ago, current land owner for 20 years, organic market garden.

Road Access
Yes - Long private driveway off highway
No - Off grid, we have micro-hydro, new farmers have to create own power system
Cell Service
Long-term goal or vision for land

Seeking hard working, self motivated new farmers to cooperatively farm with. Many unfurled potential niches such as more permaculture and agroforestry, perennial crops, fruit and nuts, mushrooms, flowers, herbs, seeds, and small livestock such as poultry and sheep. Opportunity to help us with labour on current market garden and cattle ventures to earn an income. Looking for people to build their own home and live and work independently, while collaborating on land management and shared projects. Must have some saved money for start up costs and relevant experience with farming, carpentry, forestry etc.

Known environmental hazards (wildfire area, flooding, etc.)
Current residents living on property
Availability of farm buildings
Land is fenced
Yes - Much of pasture and garden are fenced. Help with fence maintenance and construction is expected.
Availability of farm machinery and tools
Yes - Willing to share use of some tools responsibly
Water source
  • Stream/river -
Water rights to these sources
On-site housing
No - Building site available. Bring your own short term shelter and we can help you build your sustainable home.
Restricted access of visitors
Types of production you are open to
  • Vegetable -
  • Livestock -
  • Seed -
  • Orchard/Fruit -
Practices preferred
  • Certified Organic -
  • Organic -
Agronomic potential
Soil details
  • Texture - Liam, clay in some field, high OM
  • Sloping - Mostly flat
  • Thick topsoil -
  • General fertility (nutrients) - Good fertility
  • Good drainage - Drainage ditches, but some swampy areas.
Preferred arrangement
  • Business Partnership -
Would you be willing to mentor or advise the entering farmer(s)?
Yes - Able to give mentoring on farming, starting a business, and accessing local markets
Do you require references from the farmer(s)?
Agreement duration
Long term
Last modifed almost 2 years ago; never expires.