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Looking for land for a small cow/calf operation

Located in Cariboo – Upper Fraser

Land Seeker Details

  • Farm management (3 years+) - Ranch hand diploma and business administration certification
  • General farming (3 years+) - 10+ years of 4H raising beef cattle
Do you have a business plan?
Do you have financial resources available to start your farm?
No - Savings
Do you have access to other financial resources (such as a financial partner, loan, etc.) to start your farm?'
Yes - Finding Grant's and farm related loans


Farm Name
(In process of naming)
Farm Project Description

I live on a family owned and operated ranch. I'm looking to move off my families ranch to start my own. I currently have a 10 head cattle herd that I'm looking to grow but need the land to set them up on. I would like to stay current in my hometown of Prince George B.C since it has a farm friendly community.

Preferred Arrangement
  • Transfer / Succession -
  • Sale of Land -
Duration of the desired agreement
Ideal date to obtain land by
Soon as possible

Land & Features Desired

Total Land Size (acres)
150 acres minimum
Wooded Area (acres)
Cultivable Area (acres)
100 acres
Possibility to expand area currently available (acres)
Preferred current state of the surface of the cultivable area

Prefer cultivatable land for pasture and making hay plus a homestead.

Open to landowner residing on property
Yes - Open to learning about the property from landowner and helping where needed
Need farm buildings
Yes - Calving barn and hay storage barn
Need fenced land
Yes - Pasture for cattle to graze
Need farm machinery and tools
Yes - Tractor for feeding
Need established water source and infrastructure
Not sure at this moment
Need on-site housing
Yes - Live in current housing available or put a mobile home on land
Production type
  • Livestock - Cow/calf operation
Type of agriculture
  • Conventional -
Soil needs
I don’t know
Will acquire commercial insurance
Yes - Needed

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