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35 Acres of Land near Nelson

Located in Kootenays
This 35 acre parcel is located in Beasley about a 10 minute drive from Nelson. The land is south facing with a gentle slope and consist of a meadow with perennial grasses, wildflowers, and ferns. There is also a flat area at the bottom of the slope that has standing water in the early spring. In general the meadow is open and has a lot of light. The land is boarded on all sides by forest. There is a road allowance that splits the property, which local residents use for walking and snowshoeing. There are no fences on the property and there are lots of animals, like elk, deer, and rabbits that pass through the property on a regular basis. The land owner is open to many types of operations and is particularly interested in farmers that want to grow veggies and who want to use greenhouses for season extension. There is a possibility for some small livestock to help maintain soil fertility. Foraging is also a possibility in the nearby forest.

Land Details

Participant in BC Land Matching Program
Total land size in acres
35 acres
Wooded Area
Yes - Property is wooded with a large meadow. Property is also surrounded by woodland
Cultivable Area
Expansion potential (acres)
Division 11 Country Residential (R2)
Current use
  • Not used for agriculture -
Current practices
    State of the surface of the cultivable area

    Forest and meadow

    Description and historical use of land available for farming

    The land was logged twice, the last time was 25-30 years ago. No other land uses

    Road Access
    Yes - Main home has electricity, remained or property does not (would be costly to put in additional power poles).
    Cell Service
    Long-term goal or vision for land

    The land owner wants this land to be a community hub and for it to contribute to local food security. They seek to have diverse land uses that contribute to this overarching vision.

    Known environmental hazards (wildfire area, flooding, etc.)
    Current residents living on property
    Yes - Landowner lives in the house on the property
    Availability of farm buildings
    No - No buildings on site except for main house
    Land is fenced
    No - No fencing on property
    Availability of farm machinery and tools
    No - No tools or machinery available
    Water source
    • Other - Ample opportunity to harvest and store surface water, wells in area produce well
    Water rights to these sources
    Yes - Currently there is no established water source on the property but many options exist for accessing water: 1. Capturing and storing surface water in the spring combined with some water draw from the nearby wetland (would likely require a license) 2. Using the current water license for the property – this license is for a community water system that serves a number of homes in the area. The nearest location that could be used for tie in is a pretty long ways away, the trenching would be significant/costly. Apparently the community water system is not that well maintained 3. New Well – drilling a new well is possible in this area and would likely yield good water
    On-site housing
    No - No housing available but zoning allows for one house per hectare. All houses must have a septic field. Off-site house is easily available because the neighbourhood has ample rental possibilities and Nelson is just a 10 minute drive away.
    Restricted access of visitors
    No - Land owner wants to make this space a community hub and anticipates have community events (e.g. movie nights, concerts, yoga classes) on the property
    Preferred Agriculture Products
    • Vegetable - Greenhouse allowed
    • Livestock - Small, to help with soil fertility for veggies
    • Other - Foraging in surrounding forest
    Practices preferred
    • Organic -
    • Other - Biodynamic
    Agronomic potential
    Soil details
    • Unknown -
    Preferred arrangement
    • Registered Lease on Title -
    • Lease -
    • License -
    • MOU -
    Would you be willing to mentor or advise the entering farmer(s)?
    No - Land owner is interested in being involved in the farm and helping where needed on a limited basis.
    Do you require references from the farmer(s)?
    Agreement duration
    Negotiable, preference for long term committments

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