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Hough Heritage Farm

Located in Lower Mainland - Fraser Valley
We do things differently here at Hough Heritage Farm. We are a small-scale diversified farm that practices regenerative agriculture. We uphold high animal welfare standards, and that means keeping animals in their family groups and providing lots of space so each species can act on their natural instincts, such as rooting in the forest, making mud wallows or grazing on pasture. We prefer to let the mothers wean their offspring naturally so they come into heat on their own schedule. We believe healthy soil is the foundation of all life, and understand we are part of the cycle of life and death from the microbiome to large predators. We coexist with wildlife, support biodiversity and consider our environmental impact. As such, we have limited capacity on all meat products because we have reached our 15 acre farm's ecological limit. Our goal is to farm in harmony with nature so we have limited amounts of meat available.

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367 Hough Road
Gibsons, BC, V0N 1V4

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