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Metchosin farm land

Located in Vancouver Island

Land Details

Participant in BC Land Matching Program
Yes - This land opportunity is participating in the BC Land Matching Program. For more information, contact
Total land size in acres
Wooded Area
Cultivable Area
Expansion potential (acres)
Current use
  • Hay & Forage - This area has been hayed twice in 15 years but mostly used for horse grazing.
Current practices
  • Other - We have never used pesticides or fertilizers on this land. For several years the area was grazed lightly and mowed for the grass to decompose. Weeds have been mowed or hand pulled.
State of the surface of the cultivable area

The field is flat and in full sun. There is a seasonal, drainage stream on one side but that is not included in the size as listed. It is currently mixed grasses.

Description and historical use of land available for farming

For at least the last 20 years, the land has been used for horse grazing. About 8 years ago the area was covered with a layer of new soil which was excavated from the horse paddock areas, tilled in and reseeded with mixed grasses. The excavated soil was a well-composted mixture of soil, accumulated animal waste and many layers of decomposed hog fuel.

Road Access
Yes - The field is beside a road separated by a fence. A gate could be installed.
Cell Service
Yes - Reception is patchy in this area but usually available.
Long-term goal or vision for land

We want to keep much of our land primarily for grazing but we have more land than we need for this purpose so we are open to designate some areas for other agricultural purposes. In addition to this, there are wooded and shrubby areas we want to maintain as wildlife habitat.

Known environmental hazards (wildfire area, flooding, etc.)
Yes - There are deer, rabbits and raptors in the area. There are also rare sightings of predatory animals (bears). Wildfire is a potential issue but there are several fire hydrants on the street.
Current residents living on property
Yes - Two adults live in a house on the property (mum and daughter).
Availability of farm buildings
Land is fenced
Yes - The area is fenced on 3 sides but currently they are not sheep or deer proof. Another stretch of fence will be needed to close off the fourth side.
Availability of farm machinery and tools
Water source
  • Other - A new water line will be needed. We are on CRD water.
Water rights to these sources
On-site housing
Restricted access of visitors
Yes - We would need to be informed about who else to expect on the property and when they were coming.
Preferred Agriculture Products
  • Mixed - We are open to any plant related projects. We do not want livestock raising.
Practices preferred
  • Organic -
Agronomic potential
I don't know
Soil details
  • Unknown - The farm is on heavy clay but I believe with the addition of the composted paddock soil, the field we are offering has a better texture. The grass grows well on this site. Some areas of the field do become wet in the winter and need time to dry out in spring.
Preferred arrangement
  • Lease -
  • License -
Would you be willing to mentor or advise the entering farmer(s)?
Do you require references from the farmer(s)?
Yes - I would like to see some indication of agricultural education and/or experience as well as a character reference.
Agreement duration

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Metchosin, BC, V9C 3W1

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