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South East Kelowna farmland for lease (Black Raven Farm)

Located in Thompson - Okanagan

Land Details

Participant in BC Land Matching Program
Total land size in acres
3.5 acres
Wooded Area
Cultivable Area
3.5 acres
Expansion potential (acres)
Current use
  • Orchard/Fruit - 4 rows of residual blueberries
  • Other - Fall rye planted 2019 for soil enrichment; needs plowing in approx 2 acres
Current practices
  • Certified Organic -
State of the surface of the cultivable area

FAll Rye planted on approx 2 of 3.5 acres to lease. Will need to be ploughed under. Prior crop was Blackberries, removed in 2018. Currently bare land except for 4 rows of blueberries.

Description and historical use of land available for farming

Approx. 3.5 acres total to lease. Over 20 yrs ago grew wine grapes, with good production due to soil. 20 yrs ago was in apples (red/golden delicious) and removed apples to plant Blackberries, Boisenberries, Blueberries/Hascaps. For past 20 years organic farming practises followed, and berries were certified organic through NOAA/PACS. 2 long term (2x5 years each for 2 farmers) leases; last farmer retired, and berries removed, back to bare land.

Road Access
Yes - Double farm gate at roadside of Saucier Road
No - No
Cell Service
Long-term goal or vision for land

Farmer(s) to lease longer term after trial year, operating their farm business using organic farming principles. Inputs required for growing must be secured through organic/natural suppliers. Open to leasing 1 acre and 2.5 acres separately. Preference is to lease entire 3.5 acres Soil has grown wine grapes, apples, berries, and would be suitable also for herbs, vegetables. Irrigated, Deer fenced. Good drainage, slightly sloped toward the west.

Known environmental hazards (wildfire area, flooding, etc.)
Current residents living on property
Yes - Property owner
Availability of farm buildings
No - Bare land
Land is fenced
Yes - Deer fenced
Availability of farm machinery and tools
Water source
  • Irrigation system -
  • Other - SEKID irrigation for farming; will need some reconfiguration in the field(s) depending on the crop
Water rights to these sources
On-site housing
No - No on-site housing
Restricted access of visitors
Yes - Owner needs to be made aware of who is on property if other than farmer(s)
Preferred Agriculture Products
  • Vegetable - onions, garlic, shallots, root veggies, other vegetables
  • Seed - could grow some vegetable seed stock like onions, veggie seeds,
  • Orchard/Fruit - berries like blackberries, blueberries, hascaps, apples, other fruits
Practices preferred
  • Certified Organic -
  • Organic -
Agronomic potential
Soil details
  • Texture - somewhat sandy, but has grown grapes, berries/apples just fine
  • Sloping - slight western slope top to bottom
  • Soil grittiness - see texture above
  • Good drainage - Yes, in part due to soil and slope
Preferred arrangement
  • Lease -
Would you be willing to mentor or advise the entering farmer(s)?
Do you require references from the farmer(s)?
Yes - I have had 2 long term leases with bona fide farmers before; it's always good to check references when possible
Agreement duration
1 year trial with intention of 3-5 year renewable lease

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Phone: 7785543760


1933 Saucier Road
Kelowna, BC, V1W 3C4

Last modifed 3 months ago; never expires.