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1 acre turn-key operation with market garden, fruit trees, berries, bees and chickens

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This productive, well maintained mixed 1 acre farm is looking for a leasing farmer to continue to steward the land. All natural practices have been used throughout.

Land Details

Participant in BC Land Matching Program
Yes - This opportunity is participating in the BC Land Matching Program. Reach out to to start a conversation.
Total land size in acres
Wooded Area
Yes - approximately 1/4 acre of the 1 acre for lease is forested. pigs could be run through the space, or open to ideas
Cultivable Area
1 acre
Expansion potential (acres)
Current use
    Current practices
      State of the surface of the cultivable area

      The first, approximately 0.27 acre “south garden” is half vegetable beds, deeply mulched with compost and with wood-chipped paths, and half orchard (apple, plum, pear, cherry trees as well as some blueberries) which is also home to 90 laying hens and a couple of geese. There are also five highly productive beehives in the space. There is very little weed pressure as the space has been intensively managed. No till practices have been used for the last few years in this garden and the owners would prefer the space continue to be managed this way. Next is an approximately 0.21 acre “middle garden”. About 1/3 is planted with blueberries, blackcurrants and thornless blackberries. This garden is less intensively managed, with potential for more production here. At the north end of the acre for lease is forest with a seasonal creek creating the northern boundary. Pigs or other livestock could be run through this space if desired by the farmer.

      Description and historical use of land available for farming

      Has been managed as a natural methods, (Charles Dowding inspired) low/no-till operation for 7 years

      Road Access
      Yes - The driveway runs most of the length of the acre. A farm stand is at the bottom of the driveway, close to the road.
      Yes - Power is available at the outbuildings
      Cell Service
      Long-term goal or vision for land

      To see the space continue to be well managed and to produce and provide

      Known environmental hazards (wildfire area, flooding, etc.)
      Current residents living on property
      Yes - the owners live on site in a separate area at the other end of the property
      Availability of farm buildings
      Yes - storage buildings, a tool shed and seed starting room as well as two small greenhouses/polytunnels are available for the farmer's use
      Land is fenced
      Yes - The market garden and orchard areas are deer fenced
      Availability of farm machinery and tools
      Yes - a grillo tractor with tiller and chipper is available for the farmers use as well as other tools
      Water source
        Water rights to these sources
        Yes - water is from a well and additional water catchment could be stored in cisterns
        On-site housing
        No - There is no housing on site at the moment but there is potential for the farmer to live on the land possibly, to be discussed
        Restricted access of visitors
        Types of production you are open to
          Practices preferred
            Agronomic potential
            very good
            Soil details
              Preferred arrangement
                Would you be willing to mentor or advise the entering farmer(s)?
                Yes - the owners started and have operated the farm for the past seven years and are happy to offer mentorship to the new farmer
                Do you require references from the farmer(s)?
                Yes - a business plan is required
                Agreement duration
                perhaps three years? negotiable
                Last modifed 5 months ago; never expires.