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YA Apprenticeship - Richards Family Farm

ABOUT THE FARM Richards Family Farm is located on Treaty 4 territory, near Bangor SK. // Garry, his wife Lynn, and their 3 children, Rebekah, Evan, and Caroline operate a mixed grain and cattle farm. Their goal is to have a resilient, low risk, profitable farm that works with nature and creates healthy food, healthy ecosystems, and healthy people. // Their family farm is 120 years old and now encompasses a 500 cow-calf herd and additional yearlings in the summer. They grow some grain and work to improve soil health through cover crops, perennial forage, and intensive grazing of livestock. Richard’s family farm is passionate about the benefits of livestock in grain production. // About the apprenticeship: // Mid-April the farm starts preparing for seeding in May. Cows calve from May to July. At that time the farm focuses on making silage and hauling bales. Beginning in August they prepare for harvesting any grain crops, vaccinating calves and preparing herds for bull turnout. Mid August they market yearlings and start harvest in September. October involves preparing for winter, vaccinating and castrating calves. All through the growing season they are moving cattle in their planned grazing system. In November winter feeding starts and in December they wean calves. Garry, Lynn, and their family are also excited about integrating permaculture into projects on their farm. As part of the apprenticeship, you will meet with other apprentices across Saskatchewan who are part of the Young Agrarians Apprenticeship program. Field days,
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