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YA Apprenticeship - Fresh Roots Farm

ABOUT THE FARM Fresh Roots Farm is located on Treaty 1 territory near Cartwright, MB. // Michelle Schram and Troy Stozek have been farming since 2011, on a quarter section inherited from Michelle’s grandparents. They decided to try and make a living from the land, laying down “fresh roots” along with optimism for a modern yet traditional style of food production. They rent another quarter section from Michelle’s father. // Fresh Roots Farm consists of a herd of around 45 cows and their calves. Their grassfed beef products are marketed directly to customers in Manitoba. The farm also includes an apiary of around 175 beehives that produce raw honey, most of which is sold either as wholesale to stores, or direct to consumers. The honey is processed and packaged in an on-farm honey house facility. Troy and Michelle also have a laying hen flock of around 80-100 hens. In summer the hens are on a pasture-based rotating system. These 2 friendly farmers also produce much of our their food, including a vegetable and herb garden. // About the Apprenticeship // The apprentice will work in most aspects of the farm operation. They will help with daily chores related to livestock including feeding and watering laying hens, egg collection, checking on cattle, setting up fences and moving animals to new paddocks. In May and June, the apprentice will help with calving. // Beekeeping activities will include feeding, splitting and queening, moving hives to yards, checking on hives, collection of honey, and honey harvesting/packaging. The apprentice will also help with planting, maintenance, care, and harvest of the household vegetable garden. // Additionally, the apprentice will assist with preparing direct marketing orders. They will also help with regular construction, maintenance and repair projects on the farm. Fresh Roots Farm has a fantastic network of returning customers mostly based in Winnipeg, MB. Troy and Michelle pride themselves on stewarding the animals and the land, while providing a variety of nourishing foods to local Manitobans.
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