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YA Apprenticeship - Green Beach Farm & Food

ABOUT GREEN BEACH FARM & FOOD Green Beach Farm & Food is located near Strathclair, Manitoba – Treaty 2 Territory // Green Beach Farm & Food is a fifth generation mixed livestock & grain operation, with 2 houses in the main farmyard; the farm now manages 5 quarters of land. About half of their annual crop acres are certified organic grain production and the other half they grow various feed crops for grazing, winter cattle feed and feed grain. The farm includes: 70 head cow-calf operation, with about half of these calves sold through the auction mart and 10-15 animals per year are grass-finished and direct marketed, direct market of 30-50 pastured pigs annually, 500 pastured chickens, and 50-70 laying. The farm strives to continue to improve the health of their agroecosystem using regenerative practices in order to increase productivity and profitability. Green Beach Farm values a good work-life balance, enjoying the work, and taking good care of the land and animals. // About the apprenticeship: // Green Beach would like an apprentice to work & learn side-by-side the farm crew on a daily basis, covering almost all farm skills, including but not limited to: Daily feed & water for laying hens, broilers, pigs, horses including daily pasture moves for some; Collecting & washing eggs; Seasonal garden work (planting, weeding, mulching, harvesting, rotating chickens throughout garden); General farm yard maintenance (operating zero-turn mower and trimmer); Participate in management of our cattle (calving, tagging calves, setting up/moving water stations, basic water pump maintenance, basic solar system maintenance, daily moves to new pasture using temporary electric fence, daily health & wellness checks); Assistance during seeding & harvest (duties dependent on experience & comfort level, large equipment operation is not expected); assistance with larger seasonal farm projects (installing/fixing/removing permanent fencing, etc.); Assistance with all aspects of direct market meat & egg sales. They are excited to hear about what the apprentice wants to learn, and are open to tailoring their experience to accommodate those goals. // As part of the apprenticeship, you will meet with other apprentices across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta who are part of the Young Agrarians Apprenticeship program. Field days, learning opportunities and potlucks will be planned with the Manitoba group at each hosts farm. You will also be invited to attend a regenerative or organic food conference during or following the apprenticeship.
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