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YA Apprenticeship - Luna Field Farm

ABOUT THE FARM Luna Field Farm is located on Treaty 1 territory near Ninette, Manitoba, Canada. // Luna Field Farm is a pasture (grass)-based livestock farm operated by Wian Prinsloo and Lydia Carpenter. The farm is run on several hundred acres of grazing pasture land in southwestern Manitoba. Through an ecological lens they focus on the health of their livestock, pastures [plants], and soils, recognizing that “we are what we eat, from the ground up!” // At Luna Field Farm they raise grassfed beef, pasture-raised pork, pasture-raised chicken and eggs from pasture raised hens. They employ planned grazing techniques in a multi-species grazing system with the objective of better land, great food and a healthier community. They feel that growing food, and/or procuring local foods is one way to foster responsible land stewardship and nurture resilient communities. They want to provide their customers with the highest quality pasture-raised and grass-fed meats and encourage others to consider farming and food production as a viable livelihood. // About the Apprenticeship // The apprentice will be integrated on the farm learning/doing the following skills: // Hen Chores – Feeding and watering poultry on pasture. Moving equipment and infrastructure, moving poultry shelters, picking eggs on pasture Pig Chores – Checking fence, feeding pigs (using the mixmill to grind feed. training provided), making sure waterers are water lines are functioning, feeding farrowing pigs, helping to load pigs for the butcher. Cattle Chores – checking cattle, moving cattle fence. Other work – work in the shop, infrastructure projects etc.
Luna Fiend Farms is not taking on an apprentice for the 2024 growing season.
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