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YA Apprenticeship - Fostering Change Farm

ABOUT FOSTERING CHANGE FARM Fostering Change Farm is located near Balmoral, Manitoba – Treaty 1 Territory // Fostering Change Farm is a small farm in the Interlake area of Manitoba comprised of 80 acres of land of which 40 acres are forest, 30 acres are meadow and 10 acres are marsh (primarily a reclaimed gravel pit). The farmhouse is a beautiful little log house that was built in 1977. They direct market the food and focus on the health of people, animals and the environment through regenerative agriculture techniques. You will find pastured poultry for eggs and meat, woodlot reared pork and goat as well as grass-fed beef. They even have dairy goats! The farm began about a decade ago and has gradually grown. It has primarily been run by a single farm steward with increasing need for assistance and hired help over the past few years, that’s where you come in! A great place to get a feel for raising all sorts of animals. // About the apprenticeship: // An apprentice would participate in various activities that occur on the farm. They would assist with rearing, feeding and watering all our pastured poultry, laying hens and broilers. They would also assist with egg collection, cartooning and storage. Daily chicken tractor moves. Weekly egg mobile moves. They would assist with hauling water to the cattle and pasture moves. They would learn a great deal about electric fence, including net fences as well as temporary and permanent electric fence. They would also assist with feeding the pigs as well as fence repairs and movements. They would have the opportunity to learn how to hand milk a goat as well as assist with handling and care of goats including vaccinations and hoof trims. They would assist with the winter barn cleaning for the goats and chickens. The apprentice would learn a lot about animal care and animal health as it relates to a variety of species. They would also learn about some of the wildlife, fauna and flora, present on the farm. If interested, they would have the opportunity to join and interact with customers at food drop-offs/pick-ups as well as on farm tours. // As part of the apprenticeship, you will meet with other apprentices across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta who are part of the Young Agrarians Apprenticeship program. Field days, learning opportunities and potlucks will be planned with the Manitoba group at each hosts farm. You will also be invited to attend a regenerative or organic food conference during or following the apprenticeship.
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