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This year my main focus in the garden will be on weed management and soil remediation. Much work is still needed around the edges of the garden and I plan to get an early start on tilling and removal of weed roots primarily around the edges of the garden. I plan to get onions started much earlier this year, and plan to grow several beds. Onions are a very good seller, but also they require a lot of early season ground prep and maintenance. I also plan to have my usual early planting of carrots, but this year I will be sure to keep my carrot beds away from the edge rows of the garden to make weeding more practical. Early season lettuce, spinach and beets will also be planted and require early season maintenance as well. I will be planting these crops on the west side of the garden and focus my efforts on the east side of the garden with successive tilling and raking of weed roots. Planning for a later planting in this area once most of the grass and thistle has been successfully beat back. I plan to have a big cabbage patch again this year, growing my usual varieties of broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi and cabbage. These plants will be planted on the east side of the garden under biodegradable soy based plastic weed barrier material. This is the same area that I will be aggressively tilling and raking over the early spring in attempt to root out the grass roots and thistle that is creeping in from the edges and trying to take over this area of the garden. I plan to have a large zucchini patch as well on the far west side of the garden. This may require reclaiming some of the fallow land in this area and will also require a great deal of manure. I am looking for sources of manure and am concerned that we may be in short supply this spring. In my greenhouse this year I plan to grow pickling cucumbers, once the bedding plants have mostly been moved down to the garden to be planted. It seems there is a high demand for them and little local supply. I also obligated to maintain the lawn around the garden and vegetable wash station along with the lawn around the cabin and outbuildings and am looking for a good quality gas weed wacker and a good quality used lawn mower. Feeling hopeful and optimistic about this coming growing season and am committed to making it successful! Please contact me if you are interested in visiting over this growing season. Thanks folks!

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100 Mile House, BC

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