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YA Apprenticeship - Dunrea Farming Company

This apprenticeship opportunity is with a mutually supportive farming partnership between Kara Burrell (Dunrea Farming Company), her spouse Brian Meaud (who owns and operates a 4th generation grain farm) and Ashley and Graeme Knight (Prairie Knight Farms). In spring 2020 the two families started to live and farm communally near the Souris River, north of Margaret Manitoba and just a few miles north west of the Grain Farm near Dunrea, Manitoba. Each family has 2 school age children. The growing season is busy and filled with the bounty and beauty of the garden and the land they live on. Prairie Knight Farms is entering their 4th season market gardening. They operate and attend 2 summer farmers market, one is Friday evening in Ninette, Manitoba and the other is Saturday morning in Brandon, Manitoba. They have a small local CSA that they are working to expand every year as well as sell garlic for seed in the fall. On top of vegetables, Ashley is looking to grow flowers for a wedding this upcoming summer. They are still developing the property, gardens and growing infrastructure and it is exciting and fulfilling work. The market garden and home quarter section use organic practices, maintaining natural land and re-wilding land around farm land when possible. Using compost, cover crops, human powered labour, and being mindful of their impact on the world. They are working towards using permanent raised bed to minimize tillage with the vegetables and using straw mulch to minimize black dirt when possible. They are also planting trees and other perennials. They believe that it takes community and many hands to farm sustainably and in a way that is healthy for people and the environment, therefore, they would love to attract more people into rural farming life as a part of regenerative farming.
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