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YA Apprenticeship - Circle H Farms

Circle H Farms is located on 600 acres of land which has been managed by Brian and Sonja Harper since 1990. Their daughter Kristelle grew up on the farm and continues to live and work there today alongside her partner Mike and their 2 kids (the second is actually on the way!) The farm originally ran a conventional seed stock cattle enterprise with about 70 cow calf pairs and a haying enterprise. Slowly the farm has transitioned to the operation it is today – a forage only seed stock operation focusing on soil health and grazing management. The farm continues to raise about 70 cow calf pairs but also brings in about 150 animals a year during the growing season as custom grazing and/or back grounding stockers. Circle H has grown into a conservation leader in the community and conducts tours on their operation for other producers, demonstrating the various management approaches he has applied to his land. They have also created a direct to consumer sales business under Solar Nutrition. Selling a wide variety of products that are all centered around soil health and regenerative farming principles. The farm has also integrated a market garden and pumpkin patch into the diversity of products they offer.

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Phone: (204) 724-0936 or (204) 740-0376


Group 315 Box 12 RR3
Brandon, MB, R7A 5Y3

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