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Prairie Pest Monitoring Network

The Prairie Pest Monitoring Network (PPMN) is a prairie-wide insect pest monitoring group that predicts insect risks, monitors insect populations and offers information to growers and agronomists to help them scout for pests, time their scouting activities and to make decisions about using chemical controls. The PPMN was developed 24 years ago after insect researchers at western Canadian universities, provincial agriculture departments and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada identified the need for a more coordinated approach in monitoring insect populations and conducting entomological research. The PPMN also provides free weekly updates via email during the growing season. The updates alert subscribers to risks of major pests, offers tips on scouting methods and provides information on when in-field scouting activities should be conducted. Producers and agronomists across western Canada have found this local, scientific information critical in making informed crop production decisions.

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